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Cole Productions, LLC started in 2006. The name was originally Colony Studios since the business was located at our home on Colony Court in Lynden, Washington. Primarily a business of teaching music lessons to local students in our area, we soon realized that there was enough need for lessons that we needed to move our studio to a more prominant place in town. At that time, we started calling the studio, Cole Productions in 2007.

Over the next 4 years, Cole Productions soon had nearly 100 students. Because of our abilities in technology, we  were able to produce websites, wedding videos, promotional videos, albums, and DVD or other media conversions. Due to the recession and the rising cost of operating the business, Cole Productions moved to the midwest to reorganize and solidify our financial foundation. We continued with serving our website clients and have resumed teaching private music going into 2015. We want to thank so many people who have believed in our vision and God's call to serve whereever God has called us. We want to thank you for visiting our website.

Our Services

Website Services

Need a website? We can help. Contact us!

Music Lessons

Piano, guitar, trumpet, composition, drums, and more!

Media Production

VHS - DVD conversion, media storage and archiving, and more!

Recording Services

Recording and mastering of original songs - sorry, no "covers"

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